White Farm
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What goes on at White Farm?


Beef, Pork Sausage, Cattle, Specialty Breeds and More!

198 White Farm Road Dallas, NC 28034-8531 704.922.1838

We raise and sell bulls & cows- Here at White Farm we are proud to raise all natural, pasture fed cows and bulls. Call today to inquire about prices!

We sell all natural beef and pork- We pride ourselves on raising the highest quality, all natural, pasture fed beef. Plus we’re a certified meat handler and all of our meats are USDA certified. So when you get meat from White Farm you can rest assured it’s of the highest quality and standard for you and your family!

We also carry speciality cross bred cattle- As we’ve said, we take meat seriously at White Farm. That’s why we carry a variety of cross bred specialty cattle. Each cow or bull is cross bred to bring out the finest flavor and quality of the beef. Varieties we carry include Beefmaster / Angus, Simmental / Angus, Piedmontese / Angus and Wagyu / Angus. If you’re in the market for specialty cattle give us a call to check availability.