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198 White Farm Road Dallas, NC 28034-8531 704.922.1838

Blackgold Farms - White Farm has speciality cattle that are cross bred with Wagyu, which is widely regarded as some of the best beef in the world. Blackgold Farms website is an excellent source of information on this breed of cattle.

Buzzard Hollow Ranch - As part of our specialty breeds White Farm has several 1/2 Simmentals which were breed with cattle from Buzzard Hollow Ranch.

First Time Ranch - We’re proud to have some 1/2 beefmaster cattle as part of our herd. First Time Ranch actually features Cassidy, the only 17 star beefmaster bull in the world. We’re proud to say we have cattle that we’re crossbred with Cassidy to produce our 1/2 Angus, 1/2 Beefmaster.

Piedmontesebreed.com - You may wonder who that handsome bull at the top of the page is. That’s Double Stuff, he’s a piedmontese herd bull here at White Farm. We got him from Smokey Mountain Piedmontese Farm and he is still featured on their site.  He is being crossbred here at White Farm to produce F1  ranked beef, which has cholesterol equal to that of Bison. That makes it the choice for anyone worried about eating heart healthy, lean beef!