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As we’ve said, we take major pride in the quality of our beef. All of our breeds are Angus based cattle, from there we cross breed them with a variety of cattle to come up with beef that is designed to be the best tasting, healthiest cut of meat you’ll find anywhere!

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Angus cattle are a breed of black polled (hornless) beef cattle, originated in Scotland and introduced in 1873 to the U.S., where they have become well established. Often called Black Angus or Aberdeen Angus cattle, they have low, compact bodies and are noted for the fine quality of their flesh. As a breed, they lack the size of Shorthorn and Hereford cattle. In recent years, the Red Angus breed of cattle has been derived from red cattle born in registered black herds.


Beefmasters are a composite breed made up of roughly one-half Bos Taurus (hereford and Shorthorn) and one-half Bos Indicus (Nelore from Brasil, Gir & Guzerat from India). Tom Lasater closed his herd in 1937, and no outside genetics have been introduced into the Foundation Herd since that time. Intense selection for economically important traits over the last 70 plus years has resulted in a homozygous beef breed that has locked in the explosive growth potential of a hybrid.


The Simmental has historically been used for dairy, beef and as draught animals. They are particularly renowned for the rapid growth of their young, if given sufficient feed. The face is normally white, and this characteristic is usually passed to cross-bred calves. The white face is genetically distinct from the white head of the Hereford.


The meat from Wagyu cattle is known worldwide for its marbling characteristics, increased eating quality through a naturally enhanced flavor, tenderness and juiciness. In several areas of Japan, beef is shipped with area names. Some examples are Kobe, Mishima, Ōmi beef and Sanda beef. Highly prized for their rich flavor, these cattle produce arguably the finest beef in the world. The wagyu cattle's genetic predisposition yields a beef that contains a higher percentage of omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids than typical beef. The increased marbling also improves the ratio of monounsaturated fats to saturated fats.


Extensive research has shown that the Piedmontese cattle breed is one of the most complete cattle breeds in the world today.  It is considered one of the healthiest types of beef because it is tender, tasty and low in fat and cholesterol (lower than chicken and fish).  Our own Double Stuff is a Piedmontese that we are using to breed beef that is rated F1 meaning it's equal in cholesterol and fat to the lean meat of a bison. Click here to learn more about the benefits of Piedmontese beef.